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Panorama - Wohnmobilstellplatz

Verkehrsbüro Ürzig
54539 Ürzig

Tel. 0049 6532 2620
Fax 0049 6532 5160



Guests will enjoy stunning views of the Moselle scenery and the famous vineyard that resembles a pearl in a shell and has often been documented in television and film reports. The access roads to the place are fortified. There are pitches on solid ground or meadows, all of which have power connections. On foot, you will reach a butchery, bakery, grocery store, gas station, kiosk and a pharmacy within a few minutes.

Numerous restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and wine taverns are located nearby. The frequently award-winning wines from the "Ürziger Würzgarten" vineyard can be enjoyed together with the winemakers. A children's playground, a boat dock with a slipway, a lawn, bus stops and cycling routes are also right next to the pitches. Visit the historical town center and discover the "Ürziger Würzgarten". Ürzig is a stopover of the new, attractive Moselle hiking trail.

Caravan / day, water supply and garbage disposal incl. € 8.00, power supply € 1.50.

The groundskeeper sells tickets from 8:00 to 9:00.