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Mosel Musikfestival:Carolina Ullrich, Sopran - Tobias Scharfenberger, Bariton -

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Hugo Wolf "Italian Songbook"

Amore - passionate, impetuous love - and nothing else is the focus of Hugo Wolf's Italian Songbook.
46 little love songs in dialogue form reveal the rich emotional life of a couple in love. Soprano Carolina Ullrich and baritone Tobias Scharfenberger love each other "You are the most beautiful" and argue "You are arrogant, you beautiful child", say goodbye to each other "What shall the anger, my treasure" and yet find each other again. "If you touch me with your eyes". In the intimate setting of the baroque hall of Kloster Machern, these musical miniatures reveal themselves romantically, without drifting into kitsch. A challenge in which pianist Marcelo Amaral congenially supports the two singers. The popular love poems, translated from Italian by Paul Heyse, belong to the last works of the composer Hugo Wolf (1860-1903). The little-known collection of songs can rarely be heard as a whole, which is the attraction of this extraordinary evening.

Ohrensessel concert introduction at 6.30 pm with Peter Dellbrügger in the Icon Museum Kloster Machern


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