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Mosel Musik Festival

Mosel Musikfestival Gemeinnützige Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Am Kurpark
54470 Berkastel-Kues

Tel. (0049)6531 500095
Fax (0049)6531 500094



From July to October the festival presents itself with more than 60 concerts at 40 venues from the Saar to the Untermosel. The new artistic director Tobias Scharfenberger asked himself what remains, brushed the programme of the Mosel Music Festival 2018 against the grain, and yet preserved and even expanded what he had won in love.

Freckles is the name of a brand new programme for children and young people. The Swiss artist mediator Andrea Schläfli developed this series for the festival. In percussion workshops, family concerts in which boys and girls perform with professional musicians, exciting walks and a painting competition, children and young people with parents and grandparents can immerse themselves deeply in the adventure of music.


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