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Mosel Musikfestival: Daniel Röhn, Violine und Paul Rivinius, Klavier

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The Kreisler Story

Fantastic and skillful, Daniel Röhn revives the golden violin age of the twenties and thirties. "The Kreisler Story" is what Röhn, one of the most remarkable violinists of his generation, calls his programme. The model is the legendary violinist Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962), who wrote pieces that rarely lasted longer than three minutes. Kreisler's life was exciting and restless: the Viennese studied at the Paris Conservatory, travelled to the USA, to the Far East, settled in Berlin, moved back to Austria, then to Paris before becoming an American and dying in New York. In their concert, Daniel Röhn and his pianist Paul Rivinius create a salon atmosphere, bringing to mind the flair of old Vienna and New York as well as the Roaring Twenties in Berlin. Röhn complemented this program with works by violin-playing composers from various countries such as the American William Kroll, the Czech Josef Suk and the Spaniard Pablo de Sarasate as well as the sonata for violin and piano by the French composer Claude Debussy. However, the founder of Czech national music, Bedrich Smetana, has the last word. Daniel Röhn plays the Allegro vivo from the cycle "Aus der Heimat", which begins rhapsodically and ends like a folk song.


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