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Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff in der Pfarrkirche

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Don Cossacks Choir Serge Jaroff in the parish church

The Oberfeller men's choral society "Moselgruß 1920 e.V." celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020. The singers want to celebrate this event with the citizens of Oberfell. The anniversary year starts in December 2019 with a first-class experience! One of the most famous choirs in the world, the Don Cossack Choir Serge Jaroff, conducted by Wanja Hlibka, could be engaged for a concert in the Oberfeller St. Nikolaus Church.

To experience this choir is always a special experience! To this day the choir - also under its new conductor Wanja Hlibka (Serge Jaroff died in 1985) - devotes itself in particular to sacred music from the Russian Orthodox Church. The liturgical chants are complemented by well-known and popular Russian folk songs as well as classical choral works in which the Russian soul and Russian passion can be felt. The spectrum of Don Cossacks ranges from soulful solo pieces to powerful vocal orchestral singing. This vocal power is so powerful and outstanding that - even in large concert halls - you can do without any technical amplification! This guarantees pure goose bumps! On Saturday, 14.12.2019, the Don Cossacks Choir Serge Jaroff - who performed in Oberfell for the last time in 2013 - will make a stop in the parish church St. Nikolaus in Oberfell.

Advance ticket sales: VR Bank Rhein-Mosel- Oberfell, community Oberfell and bakery Barth- 18,00€ / box office 20,00€



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