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Nächtliche Winterwanderung

Historische Mühle Vogelsang
Rhein-Mosel-Straße 63
56332 Brodenbach

Tel. (0049) 2605 1437
Fax (0049) 2605 8254



Nightly winter hike on 28 February 2020, 8 p.m. - 11.30 p.m.

With a certified tour guide on historical traces through the Ehrbach and Brodenbach valleys.

The starting point is the Historische Mühle Vogelsang in Brodenbach with a welcome drink and a small hearty snack plate. The subsequent hike then leads us through the Brodenbach Valley, illuminated by moonlight, to the Donnerloch and on to the Green Mill. After the ascent to the Hunsrückhöhe we enjoy the view of the Mosel valley and the Eifel. Finally we hike further on the dream path in the direction of Ehrenburg. At the gates of the castle ruin we experience the eventful history of the castle from its beginnings to the present day. The way leads then downhill and over the mill path back to the mill Vogelsang.

Sturdy shoes, clothing adapted to the weather and a torch are indispensable.

Main route: 8 km - 200 Hm - moderately difficult

Minimum number of participants: 8 - 15 persons

EUR 19,50 per person (excl. drinks)


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Fr20:00–2:00 Uhr