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Woche der Artenvielfalt: Naturnaher Hausgarten in Winningen - Gartenführung

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Natural house garden in Winningen - Garden tour

15.05.2020, 3 pm The natural garden, which is visited in Winningen, has the following characteristics: Front garden: parking space interception with Grauwacke dry stone wall and integrated Grauwacke staircase; side steps with concrete stone step platforms; small bedding areas with ground-covering perennials, evergreen small trees and fruit trees. Living garden: Terrace with pergola roofing and blue rain; perennial and flower bulb bed with winter snowball; greywacke dry stone wall raised bed at the eastern border of the garden with typical Moselle stairs made of basalt lava block steps for herbs and wild strawberries; Concrete tread plates connect terrace with spring stone water element to central, space-dividing hornbeam hedge, past the sand play area with bordering Grauwacke rocks and the wooden tower with swing to the compost in the southwest; in the southeast garden niche meadow seat with framing shrub and perennial planting. Garden laid out in 2009 with a wide variety of spaces for families with small children. At present, there is a desire for a refreshing planting with flowering plants, after the sand play area was converted into a raspberry bed. Speaker is Dipl.-Ing. Regine Eckenroth, Living Gardens. Meeting place: Kiefer family home garden, Uhlenweg 17, 56333 Winningen Registration with Rüdiger Kape under phone 0261 108420 or Participation is free of charge. Organizer: Project "More than just green" (Mayen-Koblenz District Administration and City of Koblenz),

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