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Woche der Artenvielfalt: Über Felsvegetation in den Königinnenwingert

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Over rock vegetation into the Königinnenwingert 15.05.2020,

16 to about 18 hrs Hike over the Bleidenberg plateau with dream views of the Moselle valley, vineyard terraces and rocky steep slopes. You will learn interesting facts about the geology and topography, the special microclimate of the Moselle valley and the resulting rare flora and fauna of the region. On rocky paths thermophilic herbs and plants bloom, lizards sunbathe on dry stone walls, butterflies flutter along the path. They marvel at the diversity of species on the steep slopes of the Moselle. Natural viticulture is not in conflict with this species richness, but can promote the diversity through measures. This becomes clear when we descend over a rocky path into Königinnenwingert, a project to promote the preservation of the Moselle wine cultural landscape. Before the descent, however, we enjoy a good steep-slope Riesling at the "Riesling-APE", accompanied by bread with herb dip, with herbs from the steep slopes of the Moselle! The "Königinnenwingert Oberfell" ( is a project under the patronage of the former German Wine Queen 2009/2010 Sonja Christ. The intention was the revival of a fallow vineyard "Mönchsberg" which was still owned by the Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach until the 18th century. The vineyard shows the modern small terrace construction in horizontal orientation to allow a partial mechanization even in the steep slope. The vineyard is tended by an association; the aim is to work close to nature. On an area of one hectare 2,500 Riesling vines grow. Many "vine sponsors" support the project. The Christ Winery is responsible for the professional cultivation and development of the steep-slope Riesling. Registration with Christiane Horbert, telephone 0178 9368289 or Participation fee: 13 EUR / person, for children 5 €UR, including the rest with wine, water, grape juice and bread with herb dip and herb/cheese sticks! Meeting place: village square in front of the Sparkasse, Oberfell

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