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Woche der Artenvielfalt: Weinbergsbrachen bei Alken

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Vineyard wastelands near Alken - A major nature conservation project is gathering pace

16.05.2020, 10.30 a.m. The steep vineyard slopes characterise the landscape in the Moselle valley. Tourists sometimes come from far away and not only enjoy the wine, but are amazed by the extreme working conditions of the winegrowers on these steep slopes. The vineyards are therefore an indispensable part of the cultural landscape along the Moselle. But parts of this unique landscape are in danger: the abandoned vineyard terraces are growing over. In the area of the local communities of Alken and Niederfell this is to change: The Foundation for Nature and the Environment of the Mayen-Koblenz district has developed a large-scale nature conservation project to clear and maintain the vineyard slopes over the next 15 years. Except for small areas, the vineyard wastelands today only contain a stock of woody plants poor in structure and species. The areas should be cleared and developed in such a way that they become a habitat for numerous endangered and rare bird species such as the Rock Bunting, but also for reptile and butterfly species. Diplom-Biologist Jörg Hilgers will present the project on site and discuss the special features of the flora and fauna found there. Meeting place: At the chapel. As there are only limited parking possibilities here, it is suggested to park in Alken and to drive to the chapel in car pools. Registration under phone 0261 108318 or by e-mail: Participation is free of charge. Organizer: Foundation for Nature and Environment in the Mayen-Koblenz district,

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