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Mosel Musikfestival: Error 404 Band not found & La Nefera

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"I like being the boss," says La Nefera. You have to make a statement like that, not only if you want to set an accent in the male-dominated hip-hop scene. The fact that her stage name was inspired by an Egyptian queen is another: Nefertiti, "the beautiful one has come". A bunch of talented musicians from all corners of the world (self-description!), who have been on the road together since 2012, have gladly got involved: Error 404 - Band Not Found, that's seven horns and two percussions. With the rapper, who was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in Switzerland since she was ten years old, the brass band has now been on tour for three years as a front woman. The brass band combines Latin and Balkan grooves with a hard rhythm and a good portion of salsa and marching band sound provided by the sousaphone. La Nefera's Spanish staccato rhymes provide a firework of words and a unique sound. Their lyrics deal with socio-political topics such as immigration and gender roles. Jennifer Perez, her real name, is a full-time children's and youth representative for her community. We would promptly engage them to do this as well. 

Admission: 29 Euro


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Fr20:30–23:30 Uhr