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Kulturhistorischer Ortsrundgang: Kobern – eine Zeitreise von 800 bis 1600 n.Chr.

Kuratorium für Heimatforschung und -pflege e. V.
Im Geispfad 8
56330 Kobern-Gondorf

Tel. (0049) 2607 1651



Cobern cultural and historical tour of the town - a journey through time from 800 to 1600 AD
Sunday, 30.08.2020, 14:00 hrs (approx. 2 hours)

Meeting point: Church, walk to the bell tower, canon's court, St. Mary's Abbey (at the end a drink)

Speakers: Herbert Weber and Franz Gold, board of trustees for research and preservation of local history Kobern-Gondorf

Registrations: VHS Rhine-Moselle, E-Mail: vhs[at] Phone: 0049 2607-49 264

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