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Corneliusmesse mit Kindersegnung im Kloster Machern

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The chapel of the Cistercian nunnery "Kloster Machern", founded in 1238, has Saint Cornelius as its patron saint. During the time as a convent for women, a relic of St. Cornelius rested here and elevated the convent to a place of pilgrimage.

The veneration customs around St. Cornelius are manifold: 
Processions, granting of the Cornelius blessing, "balancing" the body weight, and much more.

In Machern, the relics of Saints Cornelius and Valentine were used to bless water, which had to be drunk three times a day in nine days. The aim was for children to become healthy.
Even today, the tradition of the Cornelius Mass is continued with the blessing of children:
On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, it will take place, especially for families, in the festive setting of the Baroque Hall. It starts at 18:30 (one hour) and everyone is welcome. This is how today's children grow into this tradition.

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