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Kulturhistorischer Ortsrundgang in Kobern-Gondorf

Büro für Touristik und Kultur
Lennigstraße 12-14
56330 Kobern-Gondorf

Tel. (0049) 2607 1055



Cultural and historical tour of the town Walk with one of our trained guides on the traces of the rich history of our knights, merchants and wine growers. An entertaining and level tour through our historic town centre, which will take place from 4 July to 10 October 2020. Meeting point is the Tatzelwurmbrunnen at the market place. Price: 5 Euro per person, maximum number of participants currently 15 persons. Please register at the tourist office under phone 02607-1055 or with Mr. Straus under phone 02607-4569, but it is also possible to simply arrive at the Tatzelwurm on the mentioned date. The currently valid protective measures must be observed


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