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Spital HISTORIAL – Frühere Wirtschaften in Winningen!

Vinothek im Winninger Spital
Weinhof 2
56333 Winningen

Tel. (0049) 2606 961514
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Spital HISTORIAL - Past economies in Winningen! Looking back on the exhibition of Martina Kröber 2018, Martina Kröber presented in the first part, the former bakeries, grocery stores and butcher's shops. Under the title, "Darf's ein bisschen mehr sein" ("May it be a little bit more"). 2018 the former handicraft businesses and service providers were described and now it goes to the taverns and accommodation facilities. On the occasion of Spital HISTORIAL Martina lets the pictures run once again.

Service: Lecture, Drink during breaks

Duration: about two hours Price: 12 €/person Translated with

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  • cultures / history


So18:00–20:00 Uhr