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"Kalter Mittwoch"

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"Cold Wednesday" in Brauneberg
In former times it was a tradition that the winegrowers used the day of repentance and prayer to try the "new" one. They went into the cellars and tried how the new vintage developed, how the wine is made and how it presents itself now, still fresh. The winegrowers also exchanged their knowledge on this day and many learned on the "Cold Wednesday" to distinguish the qualities of the individual "cellars". For "non-winegrowers" it was often the only opportunity to dive into a wine cellar and taste wine from the barrel.
Following this old tradition, the Brauneberger winegrowers invite all citizens, guests and winegrower colleagues to a cellar hike on the day of penance and prayer, Wednesday 20 November 2019, from 18:00 - 22:00 o'clock. In 3 cellars 3 new wines will be offered and briefly introduced. For the associated strengthening is provided.
Meeting place is at 18:00 clock at the place before the Andreasturm (cemetery). A service charge of 15,- € for food and wine will be charged.
Number of participants is limited to 70 persons, please announce in the tourist office Brauneberg Tel.: 06534-933333.
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