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Kulturkleinodien- Nebel, Mond und Zauberklänge


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"Nebel, Mond und Zauberklänge" Magic harp playing from the celtic legends with the musician "Jonny Robels", 20 o'clock, 12 €

Once again Irish and Breton melodies can be heard in the knight's hall of the Ehrenburg. The exceptional musician Jonny Robels creates a special autumn evening with a spectrum from unbridled joie de vivre to bitter-sweet melancholy with his Celtic harp. Whether his own composition or a traditional piece from the Celtic cultural area - Jonny Robels always melts in an almost supernatural way with his self-made instruments. "The Fog of Avalon" or figures from the Round Table around the legendary King Arthur seem to move through the hall and stride when he plays his pieces. As a former jazz musician, Robel creates sounds that, with their ancient languages and enchanting melodies, would pass as the film music of the great stories. Like the bards of earlier times, the soloist likes to surround his explanations and stories about the Celts with a playful druid atmosphere. He spices his stories with his very own humour and offers the best entertainment. For 17 years now, he has challenged his ever-growing audience to intense emotional reactions.


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