Pfarrkirche "St. Remigius" in Alf

Pfarreiengemeinschaft Zeller Hamm
Schlossstr. 16
56856 Zell (Mosel)

Tel. +49 6542 4536
Fax +49 6542 61187



Catholic parish church "St. Remigius" in Alf In the 13th centuary Alf was an independant parish. In the document, of the year 1144 the place is described as "Bischofs-Alve". Saint Remigius is the church patron, first mentioned in the year 1337. The church was built in 1732, because of its dilapidation was rebuilt in 1885 - 1894 in a gothic style. Only the bell tower is retained in its original form. The latest renovation of the church took place in 1994. the organs: Marke Klais's organs were built in 1897 the font: The gothic font consists of basalt lava. the altar: there are pieces of bones of Saint Remigius kept inside the altar. A monument, in the middle of the church place, recalls the altar place of the old church. Information: Parish community Zelller Hamm Schlossstraße 16 56856 Zell (Mosel) Phone +49 65424536 Fax +49 654261187 E-mail Internet


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