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Thematic tours

Thematic and adventure tours through the Moselle region promise exciting journeys through time back to ancient times and the Middle Ages. ‘Abducted’ by “contemporary witnesses” – played by professional actors -, history comes alive. For example, the drink-friendly wine merchant Rufus wanders through the Moselle valley on foot or by ship on board the Stella Noviomagi, the original reproduction of a Roman wine ship. Along the “Streets of the Romans” with their countless sights, he impudently talks to historic personalities and reaches the gates of Trier as “Rufus ante portas”. There, other monologue theatre heroes accompany you to the UNESCO World Heritage sites: the gladiator Valerius, Tribun Mallobaudes, a centurion and even the devil himself.

In the post-roman Trier, crusaders and possessed nuns gather around him. The appearance of the centurion, who is on the Porta Nigra talking to regents, warriors, bishops and barbarians who once passed through the city gate, is particularly impressive. Mallobaudes hung around in Trier of the

late 4th century, when the Germanic people of the metropolis were working on the unfinished imperial thermal baths with its labyrinth of passages. In the amphitheatre, the gladiator Valerius traces the blood tracks of former protagonists. In Trier nowadays, those interested can even learn how to be a gladiator: at Jan Krüger’s gladiator school. Other places on the Moselle are patrolled by “night watchmen” or celebrities such as the Bernkastel Doctor and the academic Nicholas of Cusa.

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