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Here you can access up to date tourist information and news on the Moselle region as well as the current issue of the quarterly report of Mosellandtouristik (Moselle region tourism).


Getting away from it all – A relaxing weekend at a wine-growing estate

A unique weekend at a wine-growing estate usually gets off to a good start at the reception with the vintner and his wife warmly welcoming you. The premises, lovingly furnished with “vinophile” details, will make you feel right at home. Comfortable rooms make relaxing easy. Your wine experience can begin.

The landlord will gladly take you on a tour of his vineyards and show you the unique aspects of wine cultivation in the Mosel region. You will find out how benefi cial the slate is for the wine and how exhausting the work on the steep terraces can be. Enjoy unequalled views of the Mosel River and taste the wines in exactly the place where their grapes were grown. 

Thereafter the vintner will take you on a journey to the “underworld” of wine. In his cellar you can familiarize yourself with his range of wines, from certifi ed quality wines via light cabinet wines through to his Spätlese and Auslese specialities. At the same time he will initiate you into the flavours dry, semi-dry and fruity-sweet. He will let you know about the many processes required, from the grape to the bottling, and you will begin to understand the extent of the whole family‘s dedication to their products. A culinary wine buff et or menu with salad, fruit and vegetables from the winery‘s garden rounds off this entertaining day. Here you can experience first-hand how well the wine and regional dishes complement each other. The next day is spent exploring the surroundings, perhaps on a bicycle or by boat. A hike with picnic on one of the many themed routes or along a climbing trail is just as tempting as an excursion to the Eifel or Hunsrück mountains. Your hosts will be delighted to provide you with information on worthwhile destinations. But culture is not neglected either, be it in the form of a church, a Roman monument or a castle – go on a journey of discovery. In the evening you will unfortunately need to bid your goodbyes again.Perhaps you would like to take a few bottles of your favourite wine with you, so that will love to think back on the beautiful landscape and your comfy stay at the winery even more once you’re safely back home.

You can enjoy all this and more if you visit one or several of the Mosel region’s vintners and allow yourself to be seduced into the wine experience.