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Archäologiepark Belginum

Archäologiepark Belginum
Keltenstraße 2
54497 Morbach

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The village “Vicus Belginum” is sited next to the “Ausoniusstraße”, a Roman road from Trier to Bingen named after Roman poet Decimius Magnus Ausonius. Half a dozen of antique cult sites were situated around this settlement. Furthermore, a temple district, a military camp and a burial ground were verified.

Due to the display of single grave-finds, the otherwise strange people of ancient times come to life in the minds of visitors. Visitors obtain detailed information on the conditions of living and the everyday life alongside the Roman road.
At the same time it is attempted to provide an insight into the field work and methods of an archaeologist: How does aerial archaeology work? Why do archaeologists search for litter? Regularly changing special exhibitions on 100 sqm add to the overall picture.