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At that time, the Roman poet Ausonius travelled the Roman road leading from Trier to Bingen past Neumagen-Dhron. That is why it is also called Ausonius road. Ausonius’ “Mosella” poem, after describing the crossing of the river Nahe near Bingen, goes like this: “Thence onward I began a lonely journey through a pathless forest, where signs of human life were searched in vain. I passed Dumnissus (Kirchberg), sweltering amid its parched fields, and Tabernae, watered by its unfailing spring, … and at length on the very verge of Belgic territory I descried Noviomagus (Neumagen-Dhron), the famed cam of sainted Constantine. Clearer the air which here invests the plains, and Phoebus, cloudless now, discloses glowing heaven with his untroubled light…” Hiking hint: The hiking trail “Römersteig” ( connects Minheim and Trittenheim, making important archaeological sites of Roman times accessible.