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Aussichtsturm Grainskopf

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Not far from the newly restored lookout tower, from which you have views far into the Eifel in good weather, is the “Dreifaltigkeit” (Trinity) place. Trinity place is the name of the height of the “Paulsberg” mountain in “Wehlener Wald”, the forest around Wehlen village. It is the oldest pre-Christian cult site on the Moselle. According to oral tradition, St Boniface erected the sign of the cross here. The "Dreifaltigkeitssäule” (trinity column), situated between time-honoured lime trees subject to nature conservancy protection, is a copy of the original Rococo-style statue from around 1760. The original is in front of Wehlen's cemetery today. The Wehlener Plateau is also ideal for cycling and hiking. There are many Nordic walking tours and well-signposted hiking trails around it.