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Bäckerei & Stehcafé Licht

Bäckerei Licht
Am Markt 40
54470 Lieser

Tel. (0049) 06531 6345
Fax (0049) 06531 3645



Two master bakers and two assistants in the bakehouse are anxious to transform best ingredients into high quality bakery products of exquisite freshness. Occasionally, they carry out unconventional ideas, too. In cooperation with the archaeology park Belginum at Morbach, master baker Raimund Licht created the “Keltenringli”, a ring shaped bread, in accordance with ancient customs and excavations. The “Keltenringli” was the marching ratio of Celtic warriors. For all sweet tooths, the Roman “Mustum Ardens”, a cake in the jar refined with pomace brandy and bourbon vanilla, is very popular. Also, try the little sister, “Libum Libido”, the cake of delight and desire. Wrapped in traditional Moselle style by the chiefess, these are very popular small presents. Vacationers in and around Lieser holiday village can cover their daily need of pastries here. Fresh rolls and breads can be delivered to your holiday flat, if desired. Bäckerei Licht is a participant of the initiative “Regional Erste Wahl”, which favours regional products (<>).