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barefoot path

Barfußpark Grenderich
Preisstraße 14
56858 Grenderich

Tel. (0049) 2673 4449



The barefoot park is located southeast of the village of Grenderich at the end of the Preisstrasse and can be reached via the “L 199” and the local road network. Parking is available in the immediate vicinity. Designed as a circular trail, the barefoot park has a length of about 1. 5 kilometers in a varied nature. However, the path can also be completed in an abbreviated “adjustment round. ” In addition to young people and families with children, older people in particular should be encouraged to take part in activities by means of appropriate play and fitness equipment. Other stations of the barefoot park include a Kneipp basin, a mud basin, a pond complex and various sensing paths.

For cyclists an e-bike charging station is available.

Local government Grenderich
Schulstraße 22
56858 Grenderich
Phone +49 2673 4449