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("Bride skirt"-Fountain

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Bullayer "Brautrock" -Brunnen ("Bride skirt"-Fountain)

The citizens have set up a worthy monument to the municipality of Bullay of her great wine plant "Bullayer Brautrock( bride skirt)" with the "Bullayer Brautrock"-Brunnen ( "bride skirt" fountain). The fountain was built by the well-known artist Scherl from Wittlich in 1990. It is particularly conspicuous that the bride was completely manufactured from copper. The known collective vineyard founds "Bullayer bride skirt" more bygonely on a legend days: To fill the count's registers again, count Beissel pawned his vineyard to pay the bride equipment, inclusive of the bride skirt, for a knight young lady whom his son should marry. The future father-in-law was the pledge recipient, equipped his daughter after that and gave the vineyard at the wedding to his son-in-law back but not without ulterior motives of all people because he required that all yields from this vineyard should befit his daughter - the vineyard had his name.

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