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Distillery & Distillery Dieter Sonne

Brennerei & Destillerie Sonne
Hauptstraße 18
54472 Veldenz

Tel. (0049) 6354 8919


The products of Dieter Sonne distillery are made for connoisseurs, for people who enjoy scent and taste and choose the outstanding. They offer a large variety of spirits and liqueurs. Member of “Cor Verum”, a syndicate of Moselle Franconian distillers and of “Bitz”, a syndicate for the preservation and promotion of meadow orchards in the Hunsrück. Specialities: “Cor Verum” spirits with sensory and analytic certification, spirits of wild fruit and rarities from the orchard. High awards prove their quality. Mash and distillates partly ripen in ancient stoneware tanks - an uncommon storage technique in times of steel and plastic tanks. However, the stoneware has one big advantage: an unmatched constancy of temperature during maturation and storage. You can also book distilling seminars and tastings.