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Bürgerhaus Piesport

Bürgerhaus Piesport
Ausoniusufer 6
54498 Piesport

Tel. 0049 6507 2028
Fax 0049 6507 2026



The vaulted cellar (in the rear building) can be rented as well. Information on fees and booking schedule are available at the municipality of Piesport, St. Martinstr. 27, 54498 Piesport, tel. 06507/2028, fax: 06507/2026. Former Klausenhof: In the Electorate of Trier, which came to an end after the French Revolution, it was the clergy that determined economic development and architecture. In Piesport, the clergy founded many wine estates and. They characterized the village during this period. The largest building complex was the former farm of the Augustine Monastery in Klausen, which was called "Klausener Gehäus". It dates back to the year 1613. There is a curved gable façade on the oldest part of the building. Above the round arch gate, there are rectangular windows, which are symmetrically divided by columns. The building complex must have been very impressive in its heyday. The historic wine cellars are an indication that the wine was probably the monastery's main source of income. The earnings from wine sells went to the monastery community, the tenants and the administrator, and helped the monastery to remain self-sufficient. At the end of the 18th century, a new residential building with a high mansard roof was constructed. In the portal construction´, there is a stone pietà dating back to 1530. During Napoleonic reign, Josef Hein from Trier bought the Klausenhof at an auction for 30,000 Francs. The front residential building with the initials JH and the year of 1806 engraved on the portal was transferred to the municipality in 1830. It hosted the village school until 1970. Today, the building is used as a community centre with a festival hall. The press house and the cellars came into the possession of the Count of Kesselstatt in the middle of the 19th century and were acquired by the municipality of Piesport in 1985.