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Burg Eltz

56294 Burg Eltz, Münstermaifeld

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Eltz Castle Burg Eltz, the Moselle region's fairytale castle, is situated in the romantic Elzbach valley near Moselkern and Treis-Karden. Due to its concealed location, the castle was spared the destruction of war. Set atop a slate outcrop, bounded by the river Elz bach and framed by steep wooded slopes, it offers spectacular views to visitors. Every year, on 1 April, the castle opens its rooms and treasure chamber to art lovers and holidaymakers from around the world. Guided tours take place every day between 9.30 am and 5.30pm until 1 November. Much of the interior is still furnished in the original style with numerous treasures, items of furniture, paintings, household items and armour. Visitors can marvel at exquisite gold and silver smithing, jewellery, porcel ain, clothing and weapons in the treasure chamber.