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Landshut castle, situated high above the old town on a rocky promontory, is a landmark of Bernkastel-Kues. The way there in the yellow vintage bus is already an experience: Right through the steep slope vineyards, past St. Anna Chapel with its way of the cross, the way continues to the castle ruins. At the castle, you will enjoy a unique view of the city and the impressive Moselle valley - an unforgettable experience. There is a restaurant-café in the inner courtyard that invites you to stay.


Way back:

The return trip leads past the youth hostel above the castle, through the romantic “Bernkasteler Schweiz”, the hilly territory behind Bernkastel above the Moselle. Here, the "Tiefenbach" stream winds its way through the valley, breaking through a massive mountain spur and plunging into the depths as a whooshing waterfall. High above the waterfall you can see the "Tinkeler Heiligenhäuschen" (a small Chapel in honor of Maria) on a rock. On the main road, through the tunnel, the bus makes its way back to Bernkastel city centre.


For further investigations on timetable, prices and conditions and for all other requests, please approach *Feuerer Reisen/ Bustouristik*


Construction measures in 2014:

The ruin of Landshut castle is currently being renovated/ restored. Nevertheless, it is almost completely accessible for visitors and open every day.



Round trip (uphill and downhill)

Adults: € 7.00

Children: € 3.50


Uphill only

Adults: € 5.00

Children: € 3.00


Downhill only

Adults: € 3.50

Children: € 2.50


On the round trip, a one hour stop at Landshut castle is possible.