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Ruins of Freudenburg Castle

54450 Freudenburg

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King John of Bohemia, Count of Luxembourg, had the “Freyding” fortress built in the year 1337 to protect the border and control the military road from Trier - Metz. The area beside the fortress developed very quickly and received its town charter from the emperor as early as 1358. A fortress wall surrounded the little city, part of which still remains today. In 1646 Archbishop Christoph von Sötern had the castle destroyed. After the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Freudenburg passed into the ownership of the Prussians, along with the Electorate of Trier and the Rhineland. The towns of Freudenburg, Kastel, Staadt, Hamm, Taben and Rodt, which had been a burgrave for 500 years, formed the mayoralty of Freudenburg, which existed up until 1947. What remains are the ruins of the castle, the neck ditch, castle gate and city fortifications as well as three-storey houses with large halls and hewn door and window architraves with gothic tracery.


The castle site is freely accessible.