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Chur Kölnisches Amtshaus

Churkölnisches Amtshaus
Amtstraße 16
54492 Zeltingen-Rachtig


In 1658, having modified an older building, construction of the main building was completed under Elector Maximilian Henry of Bavaria (1650 - 1688). Extensive renovations were carried out in 1712, in 1843 and in 1993/94. Baroque splendour The baroque architecture and the artfully highlighted portal axle are remarkable. The blazon above the door shows the coat of arms of Elector Maximilian Henry of Bavaria. The middle hall hosts an elaborate oak staircase with newel handrail and gallery. The rooms show stuccoed beam ceilings in fashion of the Cologne Ceiling (“Kölner Decke”). The outbuildings of the estate formerly included a wine press house, which was relocated from the Rosenburg to Zeltingen in 1583. Until the occupation of the Rhinelands by French revolutionary troops (1794), the building was used as official residence and court house of the Electorate of Cologne. The court, which was chaired by the deputy, employed 14 lay jurors, 7 from Zeltingen and 7 from Rachtig. From 1610 till 1771, the administrative authority was at the hands of the Früauff family. The last deputy of the Electorate of Cologne was Bernhard Theodor Breuning. In 1803, the main building was taken over by the Catholic parish of Zeltingen and has been used as vicarage ever since. Until 2007, it was the official residence of the priest of the parishes of Zeltingen, Rachtig, Erden and Lösnich.