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Dorfzentrum Eberhardsklause Klausen

Unser Dorfladen/Tourist-Information Klausen
Eberhardstraße 10
54524 Klausen

Tel. (0049) 6578 985859



With the hostel Eberhardsklause we want to offer in particular also an overnight accomodation for the large number of pilgrims, who visit Klausen annually. Especially for the pilgrims to Santiago, who want to stop in Klausen on the Eifelcamino and the Moselcamino on their way to Trier, we can offer cheap accommodation. For groups we will make special offers from 2012.
An overview of the available beds and rooms as well as a price list are available for download.
Please direct telephone reservation enquiries to the Dorfladen Klausen, Tel. 06578/985859.