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Ehemaliger Domhof

Touristinformation Piesport/Minheim
Heinrich-Schmitt-Platz 1
54498 Piesport

Tel. (0049) 6507 2027



In the Middle Ages, the "Hohe Domkirche" - the Cathedral of Trier - owned a lot of property. Of particular importance was the Benedictine abbey in Mettlach with its farmyard near the "Allerheiligen” Chapel in the former village of Müstert. In 1219, it transferred the patronage rights of Piesport´s St Michael Church to the cathedral chapter of Trier, which also entitled the latter to a third of the "tithe taxes". Thanks to bequests and the purchase of vineyards and land, even more wealth was accumulated. A grand "cathedral estate" was created. In 1721, the estate had reached an impressive size and was named the "Domhofs-Gehäus" (cathedral complex) in a site plan. It is a good example of stately baroque architecture. Today, the Piesport vineyard sites "Domherr" and "Dompichter", as well as the road "Am Domhof" still remind of the former estates of the Cathedral Chapter of Trier.