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"Engelskapellchen" (Angel chapel)

The "Engelskapellchen" also called the "Muttergotteskapelle" ( Mother of God chapel ) was built from the wine-grower family "Engel". Since then it will be well prerserved from generation to generation. Located in the midst of the vineyards, leads a path from the "B 53" to the chapel. The inner is very spacious. A sculpture , in a corner shows the pain mother Maria who holds the corpse of her divine son on the lap. The history about the construction of this chapel from the the Kaimter parochial chronicle: August,30th 1869 Gertrud Schawo died, her last will was, to founded a little chapel to honour of the mother of God. After the death of "Josef Schawo" at the 28th January 1886, the foster son Heinrich Engel has fulfilled this last will and allow to build the little chapel on the so-called "Woweg". The same was glorified on Sunday after Pentecost, in "Maria Geburt", of September, 12th 1886, at the same time with the statue of the painful mother of God".

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