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Experience Time

ErlebnisZeit Rhein-Mosel
Oberstraße 12
56332 Burgen, Mosel

Tel. (0049) 2605 84 73 30



Go on holiday and enjoy nature, celebrate joint activities with friends and colleagues and experience adventure and excitement with the children!
We organize your personal experience. Whether as a group, in a club, with colleagues or as a family outing - an exciting and active leisure time is an important part of the mental and physical well-being. Together we set off on our way, together the milestones are reached and new ways and situations are mastered. A few eventful hours are beneficial for the mind, health and fitness and provide variety in everyday life.
Explore beautiful hiking trails, find treasures or sniff mountain air on a via ferrata tour. For particularly brave people, we organize climbing events, such as house running on the Ehrenburg, tree climbing or various rope adventures.
Holiday children are welcome in our actions in the Ehrbachtal. Together with the mill Vogelsang we offer adventure hikes, treasure hunt, tree climbing or archery.