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Protestant Church

Evangelische Kirche
56856 Zell

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Protestant church
The church was built in 1866 on unsound ground. As the foun-dations did not have a stable base there was a danger of the church subsiding. As repairs would have been just as expensive as rebuilding it was decided to tear the church down in 1954 and planning of the new church began. It was built according to the exact requirements of the senior building director for secular buildings, Professor Otto Bartning. It was to represent a covered expression of religious creed both then and today. The highlight of the church is the interior design of the tower. As there were many refugees in Zell at that time, the lower section of the bell tower was created as a memorial with the heraldry of provinces of Middle Germany and Eastern Germany. The four bronze church bells were tuned to be harmonious with the bells of the Catholic Church.

Parish Zell -Bad Bertrich-Blankenrath
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Parish Zell-Bad Bertrich - Blankenrath
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