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Fahrradverleih im Moselhoel Sonnenuhr

Moselhotel Sonnenuhr GmbH
Uferallee 3
54470 Bernkastel-Wehlen

Tel. (0049) 6531 9173266
Fax (0049) 6531 9173088



The Moselhotel Sonnenuhr with its central location directly on the Mosel cycle path is the ideal starting point to explore Bernkastel-Kues with all its worth seeing corners and sights by bike or eScooter.
City Bike 12,- per day; Mountain Bike 16,- per day; eBike 25,- per day; eScooter 25,- per day with road permission.
IO Hawk Exit-Cross eScooter, driving on any surface! And the Legal. According to the manufacturer, the range is estimated at 45km.