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Ferreser Kapelle

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Heinrich-Schmitt-Platz 1
54498 Piesport

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There has been a chapel in this place since the 17th century. The wooden cross with the almost life-sized figure of Christ was initially set up in the old chapel and subsequently mounted on the eastern external wall of the new building from 1929. To save it from being exposed to the weather conditions, it was relocated to the tower of St Michael´s Church in 1960. As a substitute, a sculptor from Morbach created a cross from sandstone which was attached to the wall next to the entrance of the chapel. Inside the chapel, there is a stone sculpture of "Christ in the winepress“, a good replica of the well-known painting in the “Kreuzkapelle” at Ediger on the Lower Moselle. The residents, mischievously and fondly, refer to the chapel as the "Cathedral of Ferres", which also reflects their dedicated maintenance of the place.