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Ürziger Gewürzgarten

Verkehrsbüro Ürzig
Rathausplatz 7
54539 Ürzig

Tel. (0049) 6532 2620
Fax (0049) 6532 5160



The species-rich cultural landscape is habitat of a diverse flora and fauna. The name of Ürzig´s famous vineyard site “Ürziger Würzgarten” reminds of the German term “Gewürzgarten”, meaning spice garden. Accordingly, it seemed quite natural to install a Mediterranean herbal garden at a former vineyard site above Ürzig. The “Ürziger GeWürzgarten” adopts the Moselle typical small structures with several terraces, slate walls and small pathways through the garden. All in all, 10,000 shrubs of more than 160 varieties, thousands of bulb plants, many native bushes and more than 20 different sorts of wild roses and old roses grow and bloom at the “Gewürzgarten”. Those are traditional medical plants and spice plants, which benefit from the mild climate in the Middle Moselle region and the steep slope of the former vineyard site. Ürziger Gewürzgarten changes its looks on a regular basis: In spring, yellow alyssum and blue bulb plants dominate on the grey slate stone. In summer, the spice plants turn the garden into a deep violet and blue. Autumn comes along with stonecrop and Virginia creeper turning the garden into red colors and in winter it looks just like a particularly beautiful vineyard.