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Grill- und Schutzhütte am Sauerbrunnen

Moselstr. 2
54518 Kesten

Tel. (0049) 6535 949 334
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Kesten lies on the romantic Middle Moselle, eight kilometres from Bernkastel-Kues. Many beautiful, lovingly restored half-timbered houses characterise the historic town centre, which is framed by steep vineyards and the banks of the Moselle.
Kesten is your courtyard. Don't you think so? But what is meant are of course the numerous old wine yards, which characterise the tranquil townscape and at the same time tell a piece of the history of the 1,000-year-old wine village. For example, the Himmeroder Hof, formerly part of the Himmerod Monastery, with its striking Gothic window oriel, or the Paulinshof in the centre of the village, which bears witness to the estate of the canons of St. Paulin in Trier, as well as the estate of the last Elector of Trier, Clemens Wenzeslaus, who promoted Riesling cultivation on the Moselle. And the fact that the magnificent Sauerbrunnen, from which Julius Caesar is said to have drunk, with its imposing water treading basin, has been a popular, healthy excursion and hiking destination for years is not only appreciated by people in the surrounding area...