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Heiligenhäuschen "Auf der Kaub"

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There is also a meadow referred to as "Kopfkreuz". The word “Kopf” first turned into “Kopp” and finally into "Kaub" as in “Auf der Kaub”. The two former names as well as the present name are references to a road leading trough a higher part of the village, where the "Kopfkreuz", donated by Johann Heinrich Ludewig and his wife, was located in the 17th and 18th century. The year of donation is unknown. Most likely, the foundations of the cross were so derelict that people decided to build a chapel in this place. The pavilion roof was constructed in the 19th century. Inside the chapel, there is a small altar with a fragment of a piety column above it, presumably the upper part of the former "Kopfkreuz”, restored in 1985. The motif of the dove as symbol of the Holy Spirit is very dominant.