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Brauneberg - a portrait
Have you ever wondered why the best wines in the world grow on the Moselle? You'll find the answer on a holiday in Brauneberg. Here you can measure the warmest temperatures in Germany.

Usually the vineyards are named after the place they belong to. In Brauneberg it is the other way round. The former Dusemond became the village of Brauneberg in 1925. It was named after its famous vineyard, the "Brauneberg". Village and mountain belong together since Roman times, as one of the oldest Roman winepresses from the 2nd century in Brauneberg impressively proves.

From Franconia, Merowingern and Thomas Jefferson
In the year 588 the place Brauneberg was mentioned for the first time in a document. At that time the Franconian king Childebert II gave the Merovingian Krongut to Dusemond (place name until 1925, Dusemond = lat. dulcis mons = sweet mountain) to the court monastery of Verdun, which had no own vineyard possession, because of the good wine. This was the beginning of a wine tradition of which Brauneberger are still proud today. They share their preference for this special wine with Prince Charles and many other celebrities. The former American President Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon enjoyed royal wine as much as many other connoisseurs up to our time.