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Heimatmuseum Graacher Tor

Heimatmuseum "Graacher Tor"
Graacher Straße 16
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Tel. 0049 6531 7260


In addition to the wine museum and the foundation of the great Moselle cardinal Nikolaus von Kues, the museum of local history makes it possible for visitors and guests to experience the history of the city. In four rooms valuable cultural-historical exhibits are exhibited. Among them are old views, maps, flags, coats of arms and sails, wooden sculptures, furnishings of the former Capuchin monastery, the depiction of a Bernkastel merchant and skipper family, the biography of the Bernkastel-born church musician and composer Prof. Hermann Schroeder, the revolutionary flag of the Bernkastel Militia of 1848, and the medieval punishments of the former Bernkastel High Court. Interesting is an extensive collection of old photos of town views, town houses, floods, ice courses and fires as well as the history of the Bernkastel clubs and associations. Since 1985, the museum in the Graacher Tor has been expanded and maintained by members of the support group of the Kolping Family Bernkastel St. Michael 1856, with the support of the city of Bernkastel-Kues on their own initiative.