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Heimatmuseum Graacher Tor

Heimatmuseum "Graacher Tor"
Graacher Straße 16
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Tel. 0049 6531 7260



The only preserved town gate in Bernkastel-Kues is the Graacher Tor. Of the formerly eight city gates in the wall ring around the old town of Bernkastel, only the "Graacher Tor" is left. In 1985, a museum of local history was set up inside the city gate, which is looked after and expanded by the members of a promotion society by the Kolping family from Bernkastel with friendly assistance of the municipality of Bernkastel-Kues. The local museum, located in the city centre, provides information on 700 years of city history and the gradual development of Bernkastel. In four rooms, valuable cultural-historical exhibits can be seen, including old drawings of the city, maps, flags, coats of arms, wooden sculptures, and so forth. There are also remnants of the former Capuchin monastery and of a former family of merchants and boatmen. Apart from that, there is documentation of the life of Bernkastel-born church musician and composer Prof. Hermann Schroeder, the revolutionary flag of Bernkastel´s civil defence corps of 1848, as well as the medieval penalties of the former High Court of Bernkastel. Also interesting is the extensive collection of old photos of town views, bourgeois houses, floods, ice drifts and conflagrations as well as the history of the Bernkastel´s clubs and associations.