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Himmeroder Hof

Himmeroder Hof
Am Herrenberg 1
54518 Kesten

Tel. (0049)6535 7143
Fax (0049)6535 1521



The wine growing estate was first mentioned in documents of Pope Eugen III from 1152. Obviously, these documents concern the heart of each wine growing estate - its vineyards. In 1716, the monastery branch at Kesten was renovated in cause of the remodelling and enlargement of Himmerod Abbey, which was founded by Bernard of Clairvaux. After the renovation, Himmeroder Hof was lead as an independent estate with enclosed farm and a wine tavern for pilgrims to Cologne and back. In cause of the secularisation by Napoleon, the property of Himmerod Abbey were dissolved in 1813. The wine growing estate was first sold to the Görres family and has been property of the Lichts since 1830.