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Inselrestaurant Winninger Ferieninsel

Winninger Ferieninsel
Inselweg 10
56333 Winningen

Tel. (0049) 2606 357
Fax (0049) 2606 2566



Feasting with pleasure - embraced by the Moselle.

Let the Moselle embrace you - in the restaurant or on the wine-covered outdoor terrace - directly on the banks of the Moselle!
 To this dreamlike ambience we serve you dishes of the good German cuisine and regional specialities at fair prices.
 Selected Moselle wines and three different draught beers or a refreshing wheat beer round off the pleasure of our cuisine perfectly.
 Would you rather enjoy the view with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake? We offer you delicious cakes and tarts and freshly brewed coffee throughout.

Our island days- each from 18 o'clock with advance booking

Tuesday: Knuckle day
Look forward to a particularly crispy knuckle of pork with coleslaw and hearty fried potatoes.

Wednesday: Chicken Day
Our classic and widely known: The island chicken with fries. Big, crispy and delicious!

Thursday- Liver Day
The island speciality - tasty fried liver with roasted onion, mashed potatoes and apple slice.

Friday: Fishing day
Fresh pollock in beer batter with parsley potatoes and homemade tartar sauce.

We look forward to your visit - even if you are not a camping guest.

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