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Jüdischer Friedhof

Uferallee 10
54472 Zeltingen-Rachtig

Tel. (0049)6532 2404
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Single gravestones between hedges and brushwood give proof of the old Jewish Cemetery (Alter Judenfriedhof) located on “Im Engelter” above the vineyards of Oberbachtal. In 1876 a new Jewish Cemetery was created and encircled by a wall three years later. In 1929 the cemetery was enlarged once more. More than 60 Jewish inhabitants of Zeltingen and Rachtig found their last resting place here between 1876 and the late 30’s. The dead were driven out of the village with horse- drawn carriages. Thereby the funeral procession had to cross a stream. Whereas women only were allowed to escort the dead up to this steam and then returned and gathered at the house of mourning along with the family of the deceased.