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KNAUS Campingpark Mosel/Burgen

KNAUS Campingpark Mosel/Burgen
Am Bootshafen
56332 Burgen

Tel. (0049) 2605952176
Fax (0049) 2605952177



Camping in the wine region Untermosel
The KNAUS Camping Park Mosel / Burgen stretches along the Mosel and belongs to the state recognized resort Burgen. Here, in the oldest wine region of Germany, the steep slopes of the river valleys are densely planted with vines. The winemakers of the area are known especially for their fine fruity Riesling wines.

Previously known as the "Boat and Camping Center Laguna", the camping park of course still has its large boat harbor, overlooking the romantic castle Bischofstein. Due to the numerous barrages, the Mosel is also ideal for water sports such. Canoeing, water skiing or fishing.

Furthermore, the camping park has a restaurant with terrace and a solar-heated, small outdoor swimming pool to guarantee welcome cooling on hot days.