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Kapelle "Johannes von Nepomuk"

Kapelle "Johannes Nepomuk"
Zur Eiche 4
56858 Forst


"St. Nepomuk" capel

The chapel was built approximately in 1747. The altar with the baroque figures of the saint Apollinaris, Johannes of Nepomuk and Barbara (1747)are presumably from the cloister Engelport. The altarpictures (1750) show the saints Eucharius, Valerius and Matthäus. The two bells remained in Forst up to 1st World War. The two new bells purchased after end of the war, were destroyed in the 2nd World War. Forst got a new bell in 1949 which was consecrated by parish priest Mohr.

Catholic parish Mittelstrimmig
Schulstr. 14
56858 Mittelstrimmig
Phone +49 6545 1833


Always visible from the outside