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Karl Marx House

Brückenstraße 10
54290 Trier

Tel. (0049) 651 970680
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The birthplace of Karl Marx is located just off today’s pedestrian zone, in Brückenstrasse 10. The permanent exhibition “Karl Marx (1818-1883), Life – Work – Influence up to the Present” introduces Karl Marx as a historical person, the development of his philosophical and economic ideas, and their influence on the course of history, even to the present. The front part of the birthplace of Karl Marx was built in 1727, the façade of which was completely restored to its original form from older models in 1930/31. The annexes in the rear of the house date from the 19th century. The house serves as a museum today and is administered by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Contact Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Museum Karl Marx House, Brückenstrasse 10, tel. +49 651 970680, fax +49 651 97068140, e-mail:,