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Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Anna

Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Anna
Hauptstraße 45
54492 Erden


A chapel in Erden wine- and holiday village on the Moselle is already mentioned in documents from 1252. In the 15th or 16th century, respectively, a new chapel was erected of which only the basement of the north tower, serving as registry today, still exists. The tower was damaged in a heavy storm in 1860 and had to be demolished except for the ground floor. The present church is a nave closed on three sides with a wooden barrel roof. The west tower made of quarry stones was converted from a square- into an octagonal shape by master builder H. Eschweiler from Bernkastel in 1869. On the retable of the stone altar, the year 1654 is inscribed. It is a late work from the Hoffmann workshop at Trier. It shows a relief of the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, Joachim and Anna - the latter are Mary´s parents). It is situated between winding columns and a further relief of the Trinity and the coronation of Mary above, as well as statues of Charlemagne, St Augustine, St Catherine and St Barbara on the sides. The two wooden side altars, crowned by Rococo gables bearing the family crest of the Jacobs and Jakoby families, are certainly worth seeing. The choir windows from 1721 are painted with figures and coats of arms. Source: <>